2016 Jasper Artists of the Year

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A really good year.

Every artist has one now and again. A period of time when the universe smiles upon you, life seems to click, and you have the energy to get done all the jobs you need to do. It's a brilliant feeling. And we like spreading that brilliance around. That's why we asked our readers to nominate the artists in their lives who have had one of those really good years. Then, our panel of experts took a look at the list of nominees and winnowed it down to the top three artists in each discipline who seemed to have the very best years of all. 

Check out the latest issue of Jasper for descriptions of the cadre of 2016 nominees, or read this informative blog post. Then, vote below for your choice for which artist in each field should be named a 2016 Jasper Artist of the Year. 

Winners will be announced at the 2016 Jasper Artist of the Year Gala on December 5 at 6pm. The Gala will be held at 701 Whaley and will the JAY Awards ceremony, a holiday lip sync battle, Christmas cookies and food trucks, and even a cash bar by the Whig. Tickets are $10. 


Previous Jasper Artists of the Year winners include: 

Kimi Maeda, Kwame Dawes, Morihiko Nakahara, Kathleen Robbins, Vicky Saye-Henderson, Martha Brim, Philip Mullen, Dewey Scott-Wiley, Chad Henderson, Katie Smoak, The Restoration, Susan Lenz, Darien Cavanaugh, Julia Elliott, Janna McMahan, Greg Stuart, Craig Butterfield, Terrance Henderson, Regina Willoughby, Catherine Hunsinger.