2017 Jasper Artists of the Year

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A really good year.

Every artist has one now and again. A period of time when the universe smiles upon you, life seems to click, and you have the energy to get done all the jobs you need to do. It's a brilliant feeling. And we like spreading that brilliance around. That's why we're asking our readers to nominate the artists in their lives who have had one of those really good years. 

Now Accepting 2017 Nominations for Artists of the Year

Individual Artists, 18 and older, working in the greater Columbia arts community are eligible for the title based upon their artistic accomplishments during the period from July 31, 2016 through July 31, 2017.

Nominations MUST be sent to editor@Jaspercolumbia.com with the subject heading “Artist of the Year” and MUST be accompanied by a numbered list of works or accomplishments produced or performed during the designated time period.

Results will be announced in the September issue of Jasper Magazine. Upon closing of the nomination call, a panel of judges will select the top three candidates in each field, and the public will be invited to vote online for their top choices.

The category Dance includes:  performance, choreography, or direction of any form of dance including, but not limited to ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, ballroom, folk, or dance-based performance art.

The category Theatre includes: directing or acting in one or more local performances.

The category Music includes: conducting, directing, writing, or performing any style of music in one or more local concerts or recordings; both individuals and groups are eligible.

The category Visual Arts includes: the completion & presentation of a form of non-performing or non-literary arts, such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, print-making, mixed-media, etc.

The category Literary Arts includes: the completion, publication, and/or presentation of any form of prose, poetry, or non-fiction writing, as well as playwriting and the writing of executed screenplays.


Only individual artists may be considered for nomination. While arts groups, such as musical groups or arts troupes, are no longer eligible for consideration, individuals within those groups may be nominated. The purpose of the awards is to recognize artistic achievements accomplished within a calendar year. There is no fee to enter. Artists may nominate themselves. Artists should be made aware of their nomination before their official nomination and agree to participate in the competition.


Previous Jasper Artists of the Year winners include: 

Kimi Maeda, Kwame Dawes, Morihiko Nakahara, Kathleen Robbins, Vicky Saye-Henderson, Martha Brim, Philip Mullen, Dewey Scott-Wiley, Chad Henderson, Katie Smoak, The Restoration, Susan Lenz, Darien Cavanaugh, Julia Elliott, Janna McMahan, Greg Stuart, Craig Butterfield, Terrance Henderson, Regina Willoughby, Catherine Hunsinger.