Jasper Magazine

In its 5th year of publication Jasper Magazine has provided unmatched coverage of the greater Columbia arts community, and has inspired collaboration and growth both between and within artistic communities including dance, film, literary arts, music, theatre, and the visual arts.

Jasper Magazine is distributed for free in almost 100 locations throughout Columbia, as well as in select locations throughout South Carolina, is available online in its entirety, and in every branch of the Richland Library system.


Fall 2016 / Volume 006 / Issue 001

This issue of Jasper Magazine features the work of Nicole Kallenberg Heere (pictured) and feminist pop art. Also featured in this issue are the 2016 Jasper Artist of the Year nominees, local record reviews, dancer Olivia Anderson, the paintings of Joe Byrne, upcoming Columbia theatre events, a series of prose and poetry, a preview of Daughters of the Dust, a feature on Marked by the Water, a preview of the 2nd Act Film Festival, the work of actor Stan Brown, and profiles of the band Dear Blanca and horticulturalist Keith Mearns. 

Pick it up a location around Columbia, or read it online here: 

May/June 2016 / Volume 005 / Issue 005

This issue of Jasper Magazine features the work of Khris Coolidge. Also featured are Spoleto picks, Billy Guess and GUESSWORK Studio, a profile of Pedro Lopez De Victoria, Wade Sellers and his 25 Artists project, Columbia's Alien Nation at Trustus, an essay on taxes and One Columbia, local record reviews as well as poetry and book reviews. Read it online here. 

March/April 2016 / Volume 005 / Issue 004

This issue of Jasper Magazine features the work of photographer Meg Griffiths. Also featured are Roni Nicole Henderson, The Prairie Willos, Tamara Finkbeiner, an essay by Susan Lenz, local record reviews, poetry, prose and a guest editorial by O.K. Keyes. Read it online here.