Did you read what Jasper said?

As one gets older one sees many more paths that could be taken.

Artists sense within their own work that kind of swelling of possibilities,

which may seem a freedom or a confusion.


                                                                                                                ~ Jasper Johns

Welcome to the first entry in our new blog entitled, What Jasper said.”

What Jasper said is our way of bringing a touch of the magazine, Jasper – The WORD on Columbia Arts, to readers and followers on a daily basis. Think of it as a verbal wave from a neighbor as you start your morning, or a quick check-in with a dear friend before you go to bed at night.

Jasper likes to keep in touch.

And since art always means different things to different people, Jasper has a variety of bloggers with differing areas of expertise lined up to help you stay up-to-date on the latest news from the Columbia, SC arts scene. We’ll be blogging about theatre and dance, all persuasions of music, literary arts including poetry, essays, book reviews and writing competitions, film and fashion, visual arts, arts events, and tons more.

This way, friends and followers of Jasper won’t have to wait until the magazine comes out – though it will, every other month on the 15th of the month starting in September 2011, by God – (Jasper loves print media!) to find out what’s happening, where and when it’s happening, and what to expect.

Please visit Jasper online at Jaspercolumbia.com

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and get fresh baked Jasper on September 15th when we celebrate his birthday in print for the very first time.

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