What's Love: input/output with Jasper Reads: Download

In another happy incidence of serendipity Jasper has the opportunity this week to yet again combine two of his favorite things -- Art and Love -- in one magnificent celebration.

Of course, we're referencing the most nontraditional of new Columbia traditions, the What's Love: input/output party and multi-disciplinary arts extravaganza at 701 Whaley on Valentine's night.

This year, What's Love -- which has earned a rep for being less about doillies and lace and more about leather and flesh -- is taking it to the next level and Jasper gets to come along for the ride.

Literary arts editor Ed Madden has been working for weeks to construct a night of art, film, performing arts, and poetry, sprinkled with a heaping helping of adult flavoured naughtiness that will likely bring a blush to the cheeks, if not a rosy glow. (Yes, that's what we mean.)

But the thing that Jasper is most excited about could easily be overlooked in all the heated revelry. Several weeks ago Jasper Magazine sent out a call to Columbia's poets and prose writers to send us some of their sexiest words and rhymes. And we're delighted to announce that they did not hold back. More than 40 writers shared their words of lust and love with us and the result is a hot little chapbook called, Jasper Reads:  Download.

Edited by Ed Madden and designed by his own partner in love and lust, Bert Easter, Jasper Reads: Download, is being published by Muddy Ford Press, LLC. With poems by 16 local artists, Jasper Reads:  Download is a tidy little keepsake being offered in limited and hand numbered quantities and only available upstairs in the Olympia room (we like to think of it as the love grotto) on Tuesday night, February 14th.

Cost is $6 for 1 or 2 for $10 (one for you and one for your baby.)

And seriously folks, Jasper highly recommends the almost-lost art of reading to your sweetie in bed, especially when this is what you're reading.

Don't just take Jasper's word for it, read this excerpt from Jasper Reads:  Download by Jasper associate editor Kristine Hartvigsen below.


lust poem


straddling the black

leather seat of

your riding machine

I want to be

the snatch of hide

under your weight

watch your leg

swing across

my waist

caress your

steely thighs

with my vibrations

feel your hands


my throttle

Whew! Even Jasper feels a little warm after that!

Quantities are limited (150 hand numbered copies) so hurry up to the Olympia Room at 701 Whaley on Valentine's night to purchase your own personal copies. If you can't make it out on the 14th but want to be sure to get yours, (yes, that's what we mean), email cindi@jaspercolumbia.com to reserve your copies and send a check for $6 per copy, plus $4 shipping and handling, to Muddy Ford Press, 1009 Muddy Ford Road, Chapin, SC 29036.