The Art of the Back-to-School Wardrobe

It's that time of the year again. Downtown traffic is heavier. Coffee shop lines are longer. Everything is just a little bit louder. The college kids are back, and they are looking good. Despite the recent heat, these students are pulling off some swagger. Scroll down and check out USC's sidewalk style.

Gabby, Junior, Media Arts

Gabby in a floral romper knows what she is doing. Why layer when you can just throw on one piece of clothing? She ads complexity to her sidewalk style by accessorizing with jewelry and a gorgeous leather tote. And did I mention her fabulous pedicure? Like I said, she knows what she's doing.

Bill, Senior, Music & Anthropology

Bill cools down with an ice latte and a cool blue button-down from Banana Republic. His overall look is perfect, but what really stood out was Bill's haircut and well-groomed beard. He gets his hair cut by Kala Thompson at The Color Amber Salon. "It's on Senate Street," he said, "and Kala is awesome!"


Courtney, Graduate Student, Biomedical Sciences

So fabulous is Courtney that this blogger and photographer team had to chase her down, get on the bus and somehow convince the bus driver to "pretty please hold on a sec?" Needless to say it was worth it. Courtney has great style from head to toe, and we especially loved the splash of color from her bright, yellow bag!


Olivia, Sophomore, HRTM

Olivia is too cool as she rocks some bright blue socks, contrasted with some citrusy shoelaces. Cooler colors tinged with yellows have been a motif in these outfits so far, and we love it! Sorry for interrupting your reading, Olivia, but it's your own fault you look so great.


Miguel, Senior, Supply Chain Management & Marketing

Just out the door, Miguel is on his way to the BA building wearing some suede wing tips. No big deal. He stays cool with a paper thin cotton t-shirt and some rolled up shorts that dress him down stylishly for class. And we love his leather M0851 satchel. "Well, it actually belongs to my twin brother, Milo."

-- K. Salehi


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