One Poem Competition & Grace on a beautiful Sunday

Jasper was pretty psyched to visit the mailbox yesterday and find all those last minute entries for the Jasper Magazine One Poem Competition. It was heart-warming to think of all those folks who remembered just-in-time to print out their poems, write a quick check, and rush to the PO to submit their poetry. And, looking through the entries, it was also inspiring to see that, mixed in with some familiar names of friends and professional poets in the area, there were also many, many new names.* But then we got to thinking about all those folks who, for one reason or another, had intended on posting their submissions at the last minute but weren't able to. Who knows why? They got stuck in traffic, their daughter came down with the chicken pox, the in-laws dropped by, they were hung over, whatever. And then, we felt sad.

But then, we do what we do when we feel sad.** We listen to music. And what did we hear but the Sunday morning sermon of Pastor Bono urging us to practice probably the most worthy of all attributes, grace.

So on those lovely notes, Jasper is pleased to announce -- the One Book, One Poem Competition Grace Period!

For all you poets and people with poems just bursting from your heads and hearts who let the March 31st deadline slip by*** -- no worries! As long as we receive your submissions by Saturday April 7th -- it's all good.

And what could be more evocative of the themes and images from the book Saints at the River than a beautiful afternoon like this one? Nature, family, growth, rivers, death, fathers, friends, photography ... any of these themes and more are eligible for the contest.

So, pull out that Steno pad and Ticonderoga #2 and show us what you've got, Columbia. We look forward to hearing from you by the 7th.

*It's OK if Jasper sees who the entrants are because we're playing secretary and sending the coded but nameless entries over to our literary arts editor Ed Madden, who will winnow them down before he sends them off to our judge, Saints at the River author Ron Rash.

**Besides eat ice cream & drink rich, full-bodied cabs.

***As well as for any of you (and there are some of  you) who forgot to put that little checkie in the mail with your entry and therefore won't actually be eligible for the competition. ($5 entry covers three poems, $10 covers six, $15 covers nine ...)