McClellan Douglas, Jen Rose, Kendal Turner, and EPHEMERA

A couple of months back, Jasper challenged local artists to, in the interest of both creativity and sustainability, come up with an idea for how to use the abundance of corrugated cardboard boxes we have left over after every magazine release. We called it the Creating Out of the Box (with a bunch of boxes) Contest. We're delighted to announce that McClellan Douglas came up with the best idea!

McClellan, who, as an artist does everything from portraits to murals, trompe l'oeil, photography and edible art, plans to create a massive paper mache model of a homeless person right on the streets of Columbia for the Artista Vista festival. McClellan is doing this in conjunction with the Jasper Magazine presentation of EPHEMERA: The Art of Multidisciplinary Improvisation -- which we're doing in conjunction with local artist and Vista pioneer Clark Ellefson.

Join us for This year's Artista Vista starting on the evening of Thursday April 26th -- and then close it out on Saturday afternoon with art by McClellan Douglas and Jen Rose, another fabulous poetry reading by Kendal Turner, and EPHEMERA: The Art of Multidisciplinary Improvisation. (We'll be talking more about EPHEMERA in an upcoming post.)