Jasper Welcomes Summer Interns - Chris Rosa and Austin Blaze

Ahh youth! They're fresh, eager, up on the latest technology, and malleable. Jasper is delighted to welcome our Summer Bitches Interns!

Kidding aside, we are thrilled to have this kind of talent working for Jasper Magazine this summer. Both young men are students at USC and both bring their own special sets of skills to the table. Look for articles by both in the July issue of the magazine, as well as blog posts for What Jasper Said all summer long.

Please welcome Chris Rosa and Austin Blaze to the Jasper family.

Christopher Rosa is a rising sophomore at the University of South Carolina, majoring in journalism. He was born in New York City but calls the town of Lexington, SC his home. Since childhood, Christopher has always  been passionate about the arts, particularly theatre, and quickly discovered his love for writing when he joined his school newspaper in eighth grade. Six years later, his passion has grown immensely and has remained constant. His previous internship experiences and work with student media at USC have further cemented his dream of becoming an entertainment or fashion editor of a magazine. When Christopher is not writing or editing, he is acting. Theatre has been another love of his for years and he has acted in several plays and musicals, including Peter Pan and Seussical the Musical. Christopher is loving his work with Jasper thus far and is learning a prodigious amount from the talented writers and editors of the magazine. In the future, he hopes to one day have a permanent byline as a senior writer for Entertainment Weekly or as a fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar.



I'm a native of Northern California studying English at USC. As the cross-country emigration suggests, I enjoy exposure to foreign environments, people, and ideas. An avid reader and writer, I tend to process the world (and my experiences in it) through the written word. After receiving my bachelor's next Spring, I intend to pursue an MFA in Fiction.