New Feature on Jasper website -- individual past articles open with ease

Thanks to the hard work of Jasper summer interns Chris Rosa and Austin Blaze, loyal Jasper readers can now access individual Jasper articles online independent of the "Past Issues" feature. How so?


  • Go to the Jasper Magazine home page and look in the upper right corner of the page for a friendly little note inviting you to "Search Here."
  • Simply type in the name of the artist -- or even the genre of the arts -- you are interested in reading about and, shazam! -- you are instantly taken to the individual article -- or group of articles -- about which you are interested.

Of course you  can still view past issues of the magazine in their entirety by finding the current issue heading under the Jasper masthead, and then opening back issues below that.

Just another way of making your local arts magazine easier for you to use on a daily basis!

As always, thanks for keeping up with What Jasper Said.