Are YOU in the next issue of Jasper Magazine?

One of the best bits about working on Jasper Magazine is taking in the support we get from our community. You've been very gracious and generous with your accolades and words of encouragement -- and it means the world to us.

We'd like to offer you the opportunity to become even more involved -- the chance to open up the next issue of Jasper and be able to say out loud, "I helped make this happen and here's my name to prove it!"

You're invited to become a member of The Jasper Guild.


Apprentice – 1 year delivery of Jasper Magazine to your home in a plain white wrapper & your name listed in Jasper magazine for 1 year

(+ 2 free Econobar coupons)



Journeyman – all the above + your name in print in LARGE LETTERS & a copy of Jasper Reads: Download, a book of slightly naughty poetry edited by Ed Madden & a signed copy of Cindi Boiter’s new book, Buttered Biscuits:  Short Stories from the South

  (+ 6 free Econobar coupons)



Master – all the above + a non-transferable laminated Econobar PASS good for 1 year




"But wait!" you say! "I want to do more!"

How about sponsoring a Jasper centerfold for yourself or dedicating a centerfold in honor of someone you love, admire, miss, or respect?

Centerfold* Sponsorshipall the above +  your name or dedication

PRINTED ON THE CENTERFOLD (6 available per year)


(*Centerfolds chosen by Jasper Magazine editorial staff)


"But I'm just a starving artist myself," you say?

Artist Peer - Practicing artists in dance, theatre, music, visual arts, film, and literary arts are invited to become a member of The Jasper Guild at a reduced rate and see your name listed in Jasper Magazine for 1 year



Jasper Guild Application

Please share with us the information below:


Name          ________________________________

Address      ________________________________

Email          ________________________________

Phone         ________________________________


How would you like your name to appear in Jasper? (Please Print)




Method of payment: (Please circle)




Credit card #                   ______________________________

Expiration date     ______________________________

security code ________________

zip code _________________




Please print and send the above form, with your method of payment, to:

Jasper Magazine

c/o Muddy Ford Press

1009 Muddy Ford Road

Chapin, SC 29036


And thank you for supporting Jasper Magazine and being a part of the Jasper family.



The Jasper Econobar is a fundraising project sponsored by Jasper Magazine to offset the costs of printing and paying modest honoraria to Jasper’s contributors. All Econobar prices are suggested donations.