On the Road with the Nickelodeon - Part 2 of a Guest Blog Series

Our Friends at the Nick have taken to the highway and are out on one of the greatest of American adventures – the ROAD TRIP! Happily, they’re sharing their news from the road with us via the Jasper blog. Below is the second installation from the great adventurers’ travel(b)log.  

It is 8am CST and we are about to leave beautiful Memphis for Paducah, KY and the River's Edge Film Festival.  Yesterday was a day full of surprises.  We started our day off with a stroll down legendary Beale St. to a little coffee shop named Starbucks.  It appears we had missed our chance to see Justin Bieber.

After we got our caffeine fix, it was back to Holly Springs, MS to get Andy his lifetime membership to Graceland Too. While the experience was a bit of a disappointment, it did gain Andy his lifetime membership card, and gave us this wonderful picture.

The whole trip, the name John T. Edge has been on our minds.  He runs for the Southern Foodways Alliance, and hired the new Belle Et Bete in Columbia to produce a short piece about BBQ. We tried the awesome Saw's Thursday, so yesterday we went to a legendary Memphis no frills BBQ joint called Payne's, the food was delicious, unfortunately, we ate it all before we could get a picture.

After another decadent meal, we were off to knock out some short films and features at Indie Memphis.  We had the opportunity to see an entire short film program with Memphis-only made shorts, and a feature that follows the route of Southern Circuit.  The festival has really helped us gain an understanding of what we do well at Indie Grits, and what we can improve on.

One thing is for sure, we can't wait to have a full marquee outside the Nick like the sign they used for Indie Memphis.  That reminds us, if you have heard of our Design the Sign Contest, head over to our website for more details.  We can't wait to get a breakfast in, and hit the road.  Stay tuned tomorrow.... who knows what's in store!