Mingling & Jingling at Tapp's with a different show by Suzu Scarborough

The Tapp's featured artist this month is Suzy Scarborough's and her new show "Interior Landscapes." She has many large pieces (3' x 3', 3' x 5', 4'x 6') of these surreal landscapes. Some are dyptics and triptics. Collaged backgrounds made from old books with floating islands, flowing bodies of water, and tree forms. There is also a series of ten hummingbirds on a gold leaf backgrounds. all 18" x 24"
Other Artists on the walls tonight:
Lyssa Harvey
Justin Gerive
Brandon Faucett
Dale French
Sarah Goddard
Mike Dixon
Sadia Khan
Bill Sander
And our "Handmaid Holidays" event will be in the Skyline Room and will feature crafts from local merchants. Check us out here:
For more information on Suzy Scarborough, please go to the Jasper website  and read about her in our newest issue.
blog post courtesy of Tapps Arts Center