And a Few Words from Isaac, too

Finally, a chance for me to chime in. Sundance is a lot of fun although almost all of our time is spent in line going from screening to screening and really long waits in lines and no celebs... Currently my favorite film is Crystal Fairy which Andy has talked about already, but I am also a sucker for Michael Cera movies. Last night I had the opportunity to see a film that will most likely never see the light of day due to the fact it was illegally shot at Disney World and the Disney characters are in almost every shot if the film. While I thought the film would be better as a short, it was super interesting to see something that braves the grittiness of independent cinema.


This morning I started the day off with a screening of STOKER starring Matthew Goode, Nicole Kidman, and Mia Wasikowska and directed by Korean Director Chan-wook Park who directed OLDBOY. This film was an extremely compelling dark tale about what happens to a mother and daughter after the loss of the father and the sudden reappearance of his brother. Fox Searchlight is already distributing this so there is a great chance Columbia will have the chance to see this.

After a 15-minute brisk walk I was able to make a screening of Lake Bell's IN A WORLD... which also stars comedians Demetri Martin and Rob Corddry. I absolutely enjoyed this dramedy about a woman who wants to become the new voiceover star, even though it means competing with her father to be the next person to say "In a World..." I can't wait to see this charming tale again with an audience not in the industry.

(Lake Bell)

I just got out of a packed theater with Andy to see FRUITVALE which was just bought by Weinstein Company, and may be a breakout smash like BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD. It is one of the most challenging powerful films I have seen in a long time. The film is a true story about a 22-year-old named Oscar who in 2009 was shot dead by Oakland police unarmed. The film follows his last day in the leading up to the tragedy. I will recommend this film to absolutely everybody. On my agenda tonight is BEFORE MIDNIGHT which I can't wait for, I love Richard Linklater and Before Sunrise/Before Sunset.