Thomas Crouch has new work at S & S -- sadly, it's for their last show

crow 1crow3crows-nests-2 Raven - flight

Eat Crow

Thomas Crouch’s new exhibit is opening on Thursday night, December 5th, as the final S&S Art Supply show. We’re sad to see S&S go – under the leadership of Eric Stockard, longtime purveyor of arts supplies, S&S has been a steadfast and loyal member of the arts community. Always doing their share. Always doing what’s right. They’ll be missed.

Back to the art.

Crouch’s new exhibit,“As The Crow Flies,” explores the physical and conceptual space shared between humans and crows. The crow, Crouch says, has long been used symbolically and metaphorically in language, literature and visual art to explain human conditions and situations. From Crouch’s perspective, this is due to the intuitive and highly intelligent nature of the crows and ravens. According to Crouch, “Corvid’s adaptability to human nature is due to their study of humans. As [hu]mankind has civilized and manifested itself on earth it has unknowingly created the perfect environment for the Corvid family.”

In mythology, Native American beliefs and Christianity, Crouch continues, “crows and Ravens have highly symbolic value—good or bad. In The Bible it is written that Noah first let a White Raven fly before he sent out doves. The Raven never returned so it was then that the Raven was turned black. Depending on the religion/belief the Ravens are considered stealers of light as well as givers of light.