A New Perspective with the P.O.V. Movie Series by Jasper Intern Wesley Young


The Point of View Movie Series began informally, with just 5-10 members screening influential movies within each other’s houses. Soon, a larger public caught wind and the group moved their household screenings to Tapp’s Art center on Main Street.   Co-founder Bradley Powell says that the membership is really just a group of movie enthusiasts that aimed to bring the city new ideas, perspectives, and discussion of unrecognized and un-glorified films.     “We love movies and specialize in playing films that aren’t readily available to the public,” Powell proclaims. “There’s a necessity for representatives that are knowledgeable enough to champion films in an art form, especially in Columbia.”


In retrospect, there is a lack of knowledge and film culture in Columbia. It’s hard to know to come up with a place or event where there in-depth conversations about the importance of Sidney Lumet and the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Blockbuster films like Transformers and Iron Man mostly spark conversation in our metropolis.   It’s easy to say that cinema over time has taken a more business approach with films following a particular format to acquire x amount of revenue.   Powell largely agrees. “I am a filmmaker [myself],” he explains. “It’s hard to make a quality film if you know your work will be secondary to its financial outcome. It makes it hard to stay motivated.”


  Though the film industry’s quest for blockbusters may have led it astray from its artistic pursuits, it’s refreshing to see individuals strive to remind us of what actual cinema was based off of.  POV constantly strives to show the public the time when most movies touched the viewer on a personal level.  “We stand strongly behind our commitment to play the best films possible in an environment where films can be properly analyzed,” Powell says.   Though Columbia isn’t seen as an arts-based city, it is evident that many, like Powell, are taking on roles to push Soda City in the right direction.    POV Movie Series screen movies monthly at Tapp’s Art Center on 1644 Main Street. The next screening will be Leo McCarey’s Make Way for Tomorrow (1937), which is currently being rescheduled due to weather. Check their website here for more information.

Movie Trailer: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeKsY3Kg2OU&w=520&h=390]

-Wesley Young, Jasper Intern