Four Questions for Jeremy Joseph - Founder of Villa Ville Cola

villa ville cola

Villa Ville Cola: New all arts festival to be held at Conundrum


Whose idea was this? 

The idea for the festival was started by Jeremy and Becca Joseph.


What's the philosophy behind it? 

Their aim is to facilitate community transformation by bridging gaps between various art forms, artists at different stages of their careers, of differing ages, scenes, and lifestyles.  They hope that by bringing all these artists into one space it will lead to a synergy of new ideas amongst everybody at the festival.


 Who are the folks working on it?  

Jeremy & Becca Joseph, Cecil Decker, Page Chilton, and Paige Haggard.  Drake Cartrette, designer at Before the Ink is Dry, created the event poster. 


Will this be an annual event? 

That’s the hope.  First they plan to make year one awesome.




Columbia, SC – dozens of Columbia-based artists across many different artistic disciplines are coming together Saturday, March 8 from 12:30 – 6p.m. in the outdoor space at Conundrum Music Hall to participate in and launch the first annual Villa Ville Cola.  The concept behind this new festival is to provide a platform and opportunity of expression for every art form in our city that en masse facilitates community transformation.  The festival will feature local arts and crafts booths, a music stage featuring special acoustic performances from a variety of local acts, a film-festival (inside Conundrum), and a performance stage featuring local poets, comedians, improv, dance, circus, magic, and more.  By bringing together a large group of diverse Columbia artists into one place for a unique day of arts and community building we hope the event will be a worthy addition to Columbia’s vibrant artistic scene.  Tickets are $2 at the gate.  For more information please visit

Arts and Crafts vendors        Music                                                  Film                              

JellyKoe                                    Falling Off A Building                    James Owens                  

That Godzilla Guy                    Marshall Brown                               Aaron Wyrd              

PIENSA: Art Company            Release the Dog                               Tyler Errigo              

Owlette                                     Daddy Lion                                       Anthony Stagliano                  

Birdies by Shayna                    The Post-Timey String Band            Cecil Decker              

Lorna Festa                              Dr. Roundhouse                                Jordan Wilson                 

Lila Shull & Grievances          PrettyFeet                                         Jordan Young

Tennyson Kovach Corley        William Glenn Christopher              Karis West

Hillbilly Luthiers

J. Beads                                                                                                             

Alicia Hope                                                                                                     

Sank Parfwa Deece

Frenijo Designs

Live Painting by Jean Bourque


Soda City Cirque       Mind Gravy Poetry Showcase ft.

OverReactors Improv         Justin Blackburn

Columbia Comic Showcase            Debra McQueen

Jenn Snyder         Ken Denk

Wayne Cousins                  Merlyn the Mystic

Topher Riddle              Ritual Abjects

Matt LaBorde             Fortune Telling

Midlands Capoeira Angola           Face Painting by Dorothee Walters





                Please Note: Some language and content at Villa Ville Cola may not be suitable for children.