In Jasper Vol. 3, No. 3: Book Review - A Shared Voice: A Tapestry of Tales

"Upon picking up the anthology A Shared Voice: A Tapestry of Tales (Lamar University Press, 2013), one instantly asks what a conversation in narrative is and why the editors, University of South Carolina-Aiken faculty members Tom Mack and Andrew Geyer, chose to only publish works by writers from the Carolinas and Texas. The answer to the pairing of states is due to historical, cultural, and literary connections that are detailed in the introduction. The literary conversation, which the editors call a tapestry, consists of twenty-four short stories -- twelve by writers from Texas, twelve by writers from the Carolinas. Of the twelve for each region, six are 'anchor' tales and six are 'responses' to the 'anchor' tales by writers from the other region. This premise makes the collection unique and also exciting as the readers discover the connections between the 'anchor' tales and the 'response' tales. ..." - Brandi Perry

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