In Jasper Vol. 3, No. 4: The Art of the Meal - Camon Chef and Owner Shigeru Kobayashi

"Camon chef and owner Shigeru Kobayashi was born in Tokyo in 1951. He began his cooking career there, working in a ryokan, a food-focused traditional Japanese inn. He also worked at the original Benihana restaurant in Tokyo, training under chef Yunosuki Aoki, before moving to the US. Chef Kobayashi opened Camon on Assembly Street in May 1985, making it not only one of Columbia's first Japanese restaurants, but also one of the city's longest-running restaurants in any category. Jasper sat down with Chef Kobayashi and with his son, Shigharu Kobayashi, who translated our conversation. ..." - Jonathan Sharpe, words and photos

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Art of the Meal