Jasper Recommends -- Black Light, Black Night ... An Ultraviolet Light Experience


As much as we love galleries and museums, we here at Jasper are absolute junkies for fleeting, ephemeral instances of art that can never be repeated -- demonstrations that, even if captured electronically, can never be experienced as fully as they were by the lucky onlookers who got to witness the event first hand.

And, hey, we love to party, too.

So it looks as if we have hit the jackpot tonight.

After the Main Street art crawl -- or really, it's a parade, isn't it? -- you'll find much of the Jasper family in line at anastasia & FRIENDS for her Black Light, Black Night .. an Ultraviolet Light Experience in her gallery and throughout the space at the Free Times Building on Main. Tickets are $20 if you buy them in advance. Here's the info below. straight from the crazy mad genius woman's mouth via Facebook. See y'all tonight!


For October's first Thursday opening at Anastasia & Friends, a very special show is planned with my co-hosts Paul Kaufmann and Jennifer Baxley. This show will be quite different from most of our openings as the evening will be divided into three parts - Black Light, The Intermission and Black Night.

Black Light is an ultraviolet art experience where everyone and everything will be completely immersed in black light. The windows of the gallery will be blacked out, and the gallery will be completely transformed into a sea of black light that will illuminate a combination of paintings, sculpture, mixed media and photography that are all black light reflective.


Our Black Light artists are Amy Alley, Bohumila Augustinova, Jennifer Baxley, Michael Bolin, Anastasia Chernoff, Corey Rocbottom Davis, Scott Denis, Nathan Fiveash, Robin Gadient, Kara Gunter, Jonathan Inkley, Cade Kaufmann, Paul Kaufmann, Michael Krajewski, Amanda Ladymon, Whitney LeJeune, Dre Lopez, Sammy Lopez, Lauren Maurer, Lucas Sams, Jason Stroud, Joseph Tolbert, Lindsay Wiggins and Roe Young.

You'll see the fabulous Fred Gldfngr in both the Light and the Night, molding his music medium into an artistic audio experience all night long!

Around 7:30, in front of the gallery, get ready for Unbound Dance to perform Thriller from their upcoming party "Carpe Noctem." It's a HUGE treat you'll not want to miss. (If you've seen them perform before, then you know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't - boy, oh, boy are you in for a surprise!)

Libations for Black Light will be sponsored by The Roe Young State Farm Agency. (Thank you, Roe Young, for your continued support of the first Thursday openings.)

So then we thought, hey! We've gone through all this time and expense to create this happening, we don't want it to end yet. Why not take it a step further, create ANOTHER experience in the back of the building and include a party after the opening? Black Night was born!

A brief intermission will take place from 9:00 to 9:30 and we will ask everyone to clear the gallery so we can prepare to reopen our doors for Black Night at 9:30.

Black Night will be a masquerade, after-party experience that takes place from 9:30 to 12:30 with beer and wine, food, complimentary masquerade masks, music and even more surprises.

BIG THANKS to Maria Kennedy Mungo who will sponsor the gourmet delicacies for the Black Night portion of the evening.

Tickets for Black Night are $20 in advance and $25 at the door and can be purchased at http://www.blacklightblacknight.com/. Check it out and get your tickets soon as we have a limited number available.

Here's to an evening filled with art, light, laughter and loads of surprises!