Who’s That Lady? Trustus Theatre Presents the Ladies of Lady Street Cabaret by Haley Sprankle.

patti Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to cabaret!

Trustus Theatre is hosting one out of four of the Ladies of Lady Street Cabarets this season this coming weekend.

“There are four different shows this season (September, December, March and July) and each one will feature a different cast of four female impersonators.  The first show will feature local drag legend Samantha Hunter, Columbia’s blonde bombshell Nicole Roberts (who makes all of her own elaborate costumes) and Roxy C. Moorecox from Charlotte who is a noted Adele illusionist and live singer,” host and drag queen extraordinaire Patti O’Furniture says.

Drag-style performances are not uncommon to the Trustus Stage though. With a history of drag in its previous shows, Trustus was the perfect place to host this drag cabaret.

“Trustus has had a long tradition of drag queens on their stage (the annual Vista Queen Pageant, Rocky Horror, etc.) AND late night shows; so, Larry Hembree and I felt like a drag cabaret series seemed a logical addition to the already diverse offerings at the theatre,” O’Furniture says.  “We did three shows last season to test audience response and it was so positive that we just HAD to bring it back for the 2014-15 season.”

While this is a drag show, it is more of a production than what might be found on the night scene around town.

“In each show, you will have some comedy, costumes, live singing, dancing, celebrity illusions and a group number - it really is more of a staged production that what you might see in a bar or club,” O’Furniture states.

O’Furniture is no stranger to Columbia herself.  As a local celebrity, she has performed in and hosted many events around Columbia and in the state, so she’s accustomed to preparing for a show like this.

“I think about what numbers I can perform that would add variety to the show.  I practice those numbers so I can give the audience the best performance possible - and then I just let the adrenaline take over when I hit the stage and try to have a fun time,” O’Furniture says.  “If I’m having fun then I hope that will translate to the audience.”

As a part of Trustus’s 30th season, they have hopes of broadening their audiences and reaching out to the community.

“This is our first performance with a presenting sponsor (Dr. Julia Mikell, DDS) so I am excited that this performance has helped to bring new supporters into the theatre.  Trustus is celebrating their 30th season and it wouldn’t be possible without the great community support we receive,” O’Furniture says.

The Ladies of Lady Street Cabaret is this Friday at 11 p.m at Trustus Theatre.  Get your tickets soon, and don’t forget to bring a little extra cash for the bar and your favorite queen!

“Get your tickets early!  There is a buzz about this show and I am hoping to sell out.  Seats can be reserved and purchased on the Trustus web site.  And once they get to the theatre, audience members better have some dollar bills to tip the ladies,” O’Furniture advises.  “Drag queens are like Dollar Tree: you get A LOT for each dollar you give them!”