Wine Down and Meander Around: Mixed Media Art by Jessica Ream to Mix Up Your Thursday by Kirby Knowlton


Come see Jessica Ream’s new art exhibition Meanderings at Wine Down on Main on First Thursday, October 2nd.  A trademark of Ream’s, the show will feature mixed media pieces including and inspired by her family photos.  “Photographs are a big inspiration for me,” she says.  “I am fascinated by memories and photos capture a moment that otherwise would only exist in our mind, our memories.  Photos also offer us the ability to stay connected to our pasts and the people who came before us.”                                                    
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Family has always been a big inspiration for Ream.  Her grandmother was a painter, sculptor, and seamstress, a “matriarch of artistic talent” who Ream says “influenced [her] affinity for working with multiple mediums.”  In an exhibition also at Wine Down on Main last year, she used sewing patterns from her grandmother.  The work was very introspective and heavily based in figure-drawing.  This year’s exhibition, while also containing precious family objects, is less of a literal and conceptual self-portrait, she explains, as the work was created at a more experienced and independent stage in her life.


As for what she wants her visitors to think about at the show, Ream says, “I like to let people experience my work as they are.  They will bring their own pasts, perspectives and opinions to the viewing of my work and their unbiased reaction and interpretation make for interesting conversation.”

The Meanderings Exhibition Opening

October 2, 2014

6 - 9pm

Wine Down on Main Street

1520 Main St, Columbia, SC 29201