Guest Blog: Cathy Stayman invites you to Gurf Morlix at The Little Yellow Music House

Gurf Morlix

The intimacy of a private event like this is replicated all over the world now and LYMH is fortunate to be among them. -- Cathy Stayman


The Little Yellow Music House will be hosting an evening of music with song writer and producer Gurf Morlix on Sunday, November 9th. As a supporter and mutual friend of Jasper’s creator, Cindi, it would be my pleasure to extend an invitation to you.


The Little Yellow Music House is my living room where we have changed it up once a month, for the last three years, to host small intimate house shows. The living room furniture is slid aside, followed by bringing in comfy folding chairs allowing us a relaxing cozy atmosphere. In preparation for the concert, we are all asked to bring a dish to share along with your choice of beverage. The intimacy of a private event like this is replicated all over the world now and LYMH is fortunate to be among them.



A friend of mine once said, "Gurf is a rare visitor, and a peerless songsmith. Don't miss him. He's also droll. You can never go wrong with droll. Anyone can be acerbic, but it takes a master to be droll."


“In my pocket, weighed a thousand pounds. I could hardly move, it was dragging me down.”

“Strike a bargain, what you think you need. But, you’re gonna get cut and you’re gonna bleed.”


It’s lyrics like these which stands up and grab my full attention! What about you? Who is this fellow? His name is Gurf Morlix, yet I don’t know him. As time passed, his name continued to show up on other CD liner notes, yet I still didn’t know him.


I first saw Gurf, along with Kevin Triplett, in Charlotte at the Evening Muse. The two of them were touring in support of Kevin’s taping of the film “Duct Tape Messiah” and Gurf’s CD “Blaze Foley’s 113th Wet Dream”. What kind of combination is that? Gurf used to play with Blaze Foley until the untimely death of his friend. I don’t know if I want to tell you about the bits and pieces I’ve collected in my head over the last handful of years. I feel strongly that Gurf Morlix and furthermore his friend Blaze Foley’s lyrics can, will, and do stand up on their own.

“I’m tired of running around finding answers to questions I already know.”

“Almost felt you touching me, just now. Wish I knew which way to turn and go.”

As we are reminded over and over again, very few of these well crafted songs end up recorded by the legends. As for Blaze Foley, John Prine recorded Clay Pigeons, Merle Haggard recorded If I Could Fly, and Lyle Lovett recorded Election Day. In other situations such as Gurf’s, he has either worked with or produced for Lucinda Williams, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Warren Zevon, Ian McLagan, Patty Griffin, Robert Earl Keen, Michael Penn, Buddy Miller, Mary Gauthier, Tom Russell, Jim Lauderdale, Grant Peeples, and Slaid Cleaves, to name but a few. Oh my goodness, the feeling that must be!


For this house concert there is a $20 suggested donation with 100% of your donation given to the musician.

4:00 PM - BYOB/Potluck Social Gathering

5:30 PM - Gurf Morlix


In conclusion, I suppose this is how we all get to know people, one note at a time, one word at a time, and one conversation at a time. We’d be so blessed to have you come join our musical family at our Little Yellow Music House. To get your reservations, email or call me at 803-309-0214.


Your hostess,


Cathy Stayman is one of Columbia's many stalwart music supporters and aficionados who keeps her eyes peeled for exceptional artists to share with the Columbia music community. She is the host and owner of The Little Yellow Music House.