A Poem for Leslie from John Starino

Like so many who make a difference by their humility and presence, Leslie Pierce was just such a person.  Here is a poem dedicated to her which appears in my second book Onion Season Pt. 2.  Because of her I participated twice in Frisson at the Columbia Museum of Art.  In my preparation by talking with her, this poem ensued.  - John M. Starino i come to do homework

frisson prepare cma the light plays a different way inconsequential of the lens

this muse this day setting, tenor articulation

leslie pierce brown hair exhibit brown eyes alive today i peruse even remark how vibrant you are

do you ever wish any one to sit down be at eye level that you do not have to look up to

since in essence i look up to you your difference is so obvious not like mine

and in further essence a difference only in appearance

entreat to enjoin compassionate, intelligent demonstrative, adept

so in this essence of humankind you are the standard that has been raised

astride your chariot every day