AAF of the Midlands will host their annual Creative 50/50 Art Auction at Stone River next Thursday, August 20. The silent auction starts at 5:30 and will kick off the 2015-2016 membership year.

Local artists, this is where you come into play. We want YOU to participate in our Creative 50/50 Art Auction! Any type of art is welcome. Participating artists will receive 50-percent of the proceeds; the other 50-percent will go to AAF of the Midlands to help with programming for the year. Last year’s art auction raised more than $4,500!

During this free event, attendees will enjoy drinks with industry leaders, learn about upcoming AAF programs and discover how they can get the most out of an AAF membership by joining a committee.

Artists who wish to submit art should contact Lenza Jolley Hoose - 803.260.9499 or