"Andy Smith has the vision and energy" -- Becky & Kevin Lewis Endorse Andy Smith

Andy t immac Andy Smith has the vision and energy for the effective and innovative leadership that Columbia City Council needs. We have seen his leadership enacted in the story of the Nickelodeon’s move from local community theatre on lower Main Street to the beautifully restored theater on Main Street to form the foundation for the exciting, prosperous, and ongoing revival of our Main Street.

Andy’s successful grant-writing has marked the highly successful and influential programming of the Nickelodeon to provide media education for young people as well as creating partnerships with the University of South Carolina, the Richland County Public Library, the Columbia Museum of Art, religious groups and others to enrich the cultural life of South Carolina. And he is the founder of Indie Grits that has brought thousands of visitors to participate in our own Media Makers Festival!


Becky and Kevin Lewis are retired professor from the University of South Carolina