Renowned Printmaker Joseph Norman Visits the CMA -- by Chelxenn Bundick

  Joseph Norman



On Monday, November 16, the Columbia Museum of Art (1515 Main St.) will welcome the prominent print artist Joseph Norman as he introduces his series entitled Images in Black and White.  Starting at 6:00 p.m., hear the Chicago native speak on his socially enticing compositions and the past experiences that helped enriched their framework.


With current works on display at CMA, Norman’s collections of phenomenal lithographs prints can be found in numerous museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, N.Y. and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.


Supporting the event is the CMA membership affiliate group Friends of African American Art & Culture (FAAAC). In sharing the appreciation for the artistic and cultural contributions of African Americans, through the efforts of FAAAC and board member Delores Logan, the CMA was given 16 prints from two complete series in building the showcase.


“Mr. Norman has used his artistic gifts in a way that illuminates the African American experience in America in a way that speaks to all humanity,” says Logan.  “He develops themes which are bold, courageous truth-tellings, and presents those themes in a manner that is redemptive.”


The African American’s Images on Black and White showcase displays his high level of artistic skill, baring the ability to synthesize his personal development with his artistic development. Deemed a “master lithographer” by his peers, the Logan describes Norman’s ability to describe his world through an African American world view all while effectively allowing any sensitive viewers to see themselves in his work, encompassing a status and aspirations for all humanity.


His unique social perspective that simultaneously reflects his personal aspect of growing up in the windy city all while tackling larger, cultural issues such as social inequality and structural racism.


In addition to revealing and discussing his conceptual pieces, a reception will follow the event, to welcome Norman to the Soda City art community.  In the expansion of their collection of art by African American artists, the CMA welcomes all in greeting not only Norman but also fellow members of the art community and partake in illuminating another aspect of our community’s story.


More information about the Columbia Museum of Art and the Friends of African American Arts and Culture organization can be found at or by phone at 803-799-2810.