Avoid Arts Fatigue: Jasper Pop Up Release at The Whig

cat This is the time of year when the abundance of arts events in the Soda City become almost overwhelming and, if you're not careful, arts fatigue can set in and you end of missing out on some fine opportunities to see some important art just because you've ingested all the great films and fashions and studio tours you can handle. You are done. Sated. Nothing more than a blob of a person trembling on the sofa mumbling terms like diagesis, denouement, and iconographic, groping blindly for a bag of Doritos and the remote and listening for the soothing tones of the intro score to Sanford and Sons.

Jasper decided that rather than adding to the overflowing cup of cultural activities availing themselves to us in the calendar days ahead we'd just keep it simple this month.

Come on out to The Whig tonight anytime after 7 and pick up your new copy of Jasper. Will Green is whipping up a batch of Jasper Juice with herbs fresh from the Muddy Ford garden. The mag is lovely this time around with features on Meg Griffiths, Roni Nicole Henderson, and the Prairie Willows, some nice poetry, an essay by Susan Lenz, a guest editorial by O.K. Keyes, and a piece on Tamara Finkbeiner's favorite films, and more.

So stop by. It'll be chill.