Mingle and Jingle -- Where Credit is Due

Jasper apologizes for not sharing this sooner, but better late than never ...

Mark Plessinger, owner of Frame of Mind and originator of First Thursdays on Main, was the guy who got Mingle and Jingle started as an ARTS EVENT back in the day. We keep hearing all this talk about it being a retail event now -- and, well good, as long as folks are buying art. Jasper likes growth and progress, but we also believe in giving credit where credit is due AND we like being true to original missions and goals.

Mark has done an excellent job of explaining what's going on in his regular First Thursdays on Main blog.

So come on out to Mingle and Jingle tonight, visit some shops sure, but remember that the art is why this whole party got started.

Support your local artists --Give Art this Christmas.