Tamara Finkbeiner Takes 2nd Act Win for 2nd Year as SC Indie Film Community Grows

Painting by Cedric Umoja from which the 2016 2nd Act Film Festival poster was created Last night, the Jasper Project wrapped our third 2nd Act Film Festival, under the direction of Wade Sellers, to a sold-out crowd at the always hospitable arts refuge, Tapp's Arts Center. (It was an added bonus that the Tapp's walls were hung with art from another Jasper Project endeavor, Marked by the Water, commemorating the first anniversary of the 1000 year flood.)

This morning, we're seeing a Facebook full of  photos of filmmakers, most of whom didn't know each other before the project started. Some were first-timers and some were alums, appearing in groups of 2 and 3 and more, laughing with each other, mugging for the camera, embracing, being new friends and colleagues.

Being a community.

2nd Act Film Fest Audience Award Winner Tamara Finkbeiner with friend, colleague & fellow 2nd Act 2016 Filmmaker Tyler Matthews

2nd Act Film FEst 2016 Filmmakers Cory John, Tamara Finkbeiner, and Ebony Wilson mugging for the camera after the fest

The Jasper Project has a number of missions, but underlying everything is the fostering of an interdependent community of multidisciplinary artists and arts lovers who recognize and honor the implications of community -- simply said, it means having each others' backs.

The 2nd Act Film Festival exemplifies this goal. Filmmakers loan equipment, technicians, and advice. They encourage each other. They root for each other. This year, one filmmaker even sent a pizza to another filmmaker who was struggling with the kinds of obstacles only other filmmakers can understand.

The 2nd Act Film Festival Audience Award for 2016 went to Tamara Finkbeiner for her film, Bait. For the third year, Columbia-based sculptor Matthew Kramer created a one of a kind trophée de l'art, pictured below.

2016 2nd Act Film Festival Audience Award by Matthew Kramer

Congratulations to Tamara Finkbeiner and all the selected 2016 2nd Act Film Festival Filmmakers.

Finkbeiner with 2nd Act Film Festival director Wade Sellers

2nd Act Film Festival Audience Award Winner Tamara Finkbeiner

Wade Sellers interviews 2nd Act Film Fest Filmmakers 2016 during tallying of Audience Award ballots.


The 2nd Act Film Festival 2016 was sponsored in part by a grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission.

The 2nd Act Film Festival 2016 is an endeavor of the Jasper Project.