Jasper is looking for a few good poets, writers, spoken word artists to be part of Jasper's literary salon at the What's Love evening of arts and performance in Columbia, to be held 7-12p.m., Feb 14, at 701 Whaley.  Jasper is hosting an upstairs salon, which will include poetry and spoken word, and film.
THEME - The 2012 theme for What's Love is technology and how it affects our relationships, sex, and love lives.  What's Love - Input/Out.  Along with the use of technology by artists, attendees will participate in exhibits through social media and by using their cell phones at the event.
HISTORY - What started as an alternative for singles and couples who didn’t want the traditional Valentine’s night out has become a major annual event that merges visual and performing arts, with themes that challenge ideas about sex, romance, intimacy and love.  What’s Love attracts one thousand attendees and receives extensive media coverage.   With over 20 participating artists, including visual, performance, literary, media, and music, What's Love has become one of the city’s most talked about parties, but foremost, a major exhibition opportunity for South Carolina artists.
WHAT JASPER IS LOOKING FOR - Jasper wants to host two short sets of poetry—erotic, romantic, straight, gay, good writing, words that can move us, words that make us laugh or make us think (or make us hot).  Jasper is also planning to produce a small, limited-edition, chapbook of poems, to be sold/distributed that evening.  (You do not have to be a reader to be in the chapbook; you do not have to be in the chapbook to be one of our performers.)  We need:
•                4-10 writers to read/perform
•                poems (or short short flash fiction) for a small Jasper chapbook of good writing (approx 12-20 pages)
•                writing should address the themes of the show
Send your writing and a short (2-3 sentence) bio to:  emadden@jaspercolumbia.com.