Artist Sarah Macklin Shows Her Work Thursday Night at the East Coast Preview Premiere of Black Super Hero Magic Mama

The Jasper Project presents the preview of Black Super Hero Magic Mama, along with an art exhibit curating by visual artist Cedric Umoja containing art exclusively by artists of color.

There will be a reception honoring the artists at 6:30, followed by Inda Galvin-Craig's play in its entirety at 7:30, and a panel presentation following the play which addresses issues surrounding the forging of a more diverse and inclusive arts community in Columbia, SC.

On Thursday, August 3rd, The Jasper Project will present the first east coast preview of the new play Black Super Hero Magic Mama by Inda Craig-Galvan, accompanied by an art exhibit curated by visual artist Cedric Umoja comprised exclusively of art by Black artists from Columbia, SC, and followed by a panel presentation, moderated by poet Joy Priest, addressing the state of inclusivity in the Columbia arts community.

Among the artists exhibiting and participating in the panel are Dogon Krigga, Henry H. Henderson, Sarah Macklin, Thomas Washington, Asia Ca, and Corey Davis. Poets Monifa Lemon and Jennifer Bartell will also participate in the panel which will immediately follow the presentation of the play in its entirety.

The event starts with a reception for the artists at 6:30, with the play at 7:30 and the panel following the play. Tickets are $15 inclusive, (non-preview tickets will be $25), and are available at Everything takes place at Trustus Theatre.

Over the next few days we’ll be highlighting the work of some of these exciting artists whose work you’ll get to see on Thursday night.

Artist Sarah A. Macklin says she primarily works with pencil and ink but she’s “trying to do this whole digital thing.” Looks to us like she’s doing pretty well! Check out Sarah’s work below and see more of her art Thursday night at this very special event.

Macklin also has her own Youtube channel where she she demonstrates her work -- find her at and check out how she achieved the color for layering the skin tones in the piece above. "Misty Knight" is based on the outfit from the end of Luke Cage.