Music at the Rosewood Arts Festival by Annie Brooks

rosewood arts fest 2014 The Rosewood Arts Festival is a day of family friendly fun centered around the celebration of music and art. Hosted by Rockaway’s Athletic Club, the festival is in its fourth consecutive year. From 10 am to 6 pm there will be two stages featuring music from various genres. This year has gathered Chase Asmer, Dreher High School Chorale, Tom Hall and the Plowboys, the SC Philharmonic Orchestra Musicians, and the Tonya Tyner Trio. There will be something for every ear to enjoy.

Of the musical talents he has brought together to perform at the festival, creator Arik Bjorn said, “I know one thing, and that’s that this is the best group of Columbia musicians and entertainers you’re going to find in a single place on a single day this year.”

The various musical groups participating are just as passionate about the event.

The SC Philharmonic has been a returning presence to the festival. This year they will be represented by two small ensembles on either stage; a string quartet and a wind duo. Executive director Rhonda Hunsinger said, “We are excited that the SC Philharmonic has been a part of the Rosewood Arts Festival since its inception. The festival has done a wonderful job of making sure a wide variety of musical genres is represented, from contemporary to classical. The Festival gives the SC Phil a great opportunity to share classical music with the public, and introduce it to those who may not have ever attended an SC Phil performance.”


Tonya Tyner

This will be the second year that Tonya Tyner has played with a group for the festival. She is proud to be a returning artist to a festival that brings so many different components of the arts community together. Thrilled with the group she has joining her, Tonya will play guitar, along with Brodie Porterfield, and L.J. Errante on the mandolin. All of their songs are original and offer a folky bluegrass vibe. Tonya also offered that the festival is a great way to meet the artists and discuss their art.


It is not often that one is given access to such rich talent for no cost of admission. The Rosewood Arts festival is a wonderful opportunity to be submersed in local art and music. There will be entertainment all day with crafts, face painting, and good food as well. It is a free event cohosted by Rockaways Athletic Club and the Trenholm Artist Guild, held at Rockaways (2719 Rosewood Drive) on September 20th from 10 am to 6 pm.