Bullets and Bandaids, volume II

bullets and bandaids

Robert LeHeup is back once again reminding us of the powerful role art can play in healing. Here's the rundown of his latest project, opening on September 8th at Wired Goat in Columbia's historic Vista.


This is both a traveling art show and also an online art-auction and fundraiser for Upstate Warrior Solution, a nonprofit that acts as a catch-all for our servicemen and women. Whether it be career building, education, compensation, outreach or practically any other outstanding issue, UWS will help veterans find the resources in they need and help them through the process to reach their end goal. We’ve collected seven veterans, male and female, including a two star general, whose 1-4 page stories will be the focus of the show, and nineteen artists from Spartanburg, Greenville, and Columbia. Each artist has a strong voice in their chosen medium and several media are represented, including but not limited to water colors, line drawings, sculptures, and photography. And yes, some of the veterans are putting forth their art and some of the artists are veterans.

Rachel Thomason

Andrew Cooke

Roy Smith

Melinda Hoffman

Jim Dukes

Sammy Lopez

Dwight Rose

Alex Coco

Vivianne Lee Carey

Dre Lopez



Combining stories of local veterans during their time in service with local artists wanting to give back to their community, Bullets and Bandaids will be a silent online auction to raise money for Upstate Warrior Solution.



The Columbia show will be September 8th, from 5pm-9pm. The auction itself began at 5pm on August 18th, the beginning of the first show in Spartanburg and will last through September 10th at 11pm, two days after the show is brought to Columbia.



The Wired Goat, 709 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201709 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201. Great underground space, air-conditioned and well lit, in a prime location in the Vista.


This is an excellent opportunity to not simply raise money for a nonprofit that genuinely cares about its cause and is effective toward its goals, but to bring about the cohesion of the veteran, art, and civilian communities at large. There was a show in Spartanburg as well and given that the artists and veterans involved are from Spartanburg, Greenville, and Columbia, it provides further cohesion and conversation to the midlands and upstate. There will be a booklet given away with the all the stories and art so that visitors can take the show home with them. Plus, the veterans who have had their stories told will receive a print on canvas of the corresponding art work. The artists will also receive 25% of the auction price, so between the artists, veterans, community, The Wired Goat, and Upstate Warrior Solution, this is a “win-win-win-win-win!”