Husband & ModalCoda Play Summer in the City: Arts Showcase

We're super excited and (grateful) to have two Columbia bands, the electro-pop duo Husband and the jazzy post-punk group ModalCoda, play the arts showcase tonight (8/4/2016) on Boyd Plaza tonight as part of First Thursday on Main. All proceeds go to benefit The Jasper Project, the new non-profit entity that will be taking over the magazine. Here's the full schedule of performances, and be sure to check out both of these band's excellent records before you head out to the show. Performances: 6:00 The Palmetto Opera 6:30 Fringe Dancers 6:45 Yemassee Journal 7:00 Wet Ink Spoken Word 7:15 Fringe Dancers 7:30 Husband 8:30 Modalcoda