More than 50 SC Women Artists are setting the table for 12 SC Women who devoted their lives to making places at the table for us All

What is The Supper Table?

The Supper Table, an homage to the 40th anniversary of Judy Chicago’s 1979 epic feminist art exhibition, is a multidisciplinary arts project celebrating the history and contributions of 12 extraordinary South Carolina women and featuring the work of almost 60 of South Carolina’s most outstanding women artists in the visual, literary, theatrical, and film arts.

Imagine a 12' x 12' x 12' triangular-shaped table set with SC-artist-created place-settings each inspired by one of 12 diverse women from SC history whose lives were dedicated to the betterment of humankind.

Sketch of the 12’ x 12’ x 12’ table created by Jordan Morris, Maker Coordinator for Richland Library

Sketch of the 12’ x 12’ x 12’ table created by Jordan Morris, Maker Coordinator for Richland Library

Work in progress : a tile created for Kaye Thigpen, founder of Trustus Theatre.

Work in progress: a tile created for Kaye Thigpen, founder of Trustus Theatre.

Around this table 120 tiles, each naming another great SC woman and decorated by a community member, hang on movable walls in an Array of Remarkable SC Women

Now, listen to essays about each of these women written by SC writers and staged orations theatrically presented by SC theatre artists. 

Finally, watch 12 short films, each featuring one of the honored guests at the table and created by a SC filmmaker. 

All of the artists are women, and all call South Carolina home.  


The Women at the Table

Mary McCleod Bethune - Alice Childress - Septima Clark - Mathilda Evans - Althea Gibson - Angelina and Sarah Grimke - Eartha Kitt - Sarah Leverette - Julia Peterkin - Eliza Lucas Pinckney - Modjeska Monteith Simkins - Elizabeth Evelyn Wright

The Array of Remarkable SC Women

Alice Coachman • Alice Ravenel Huger Smith • Andie McDowell • Anita Pollitzer  Ann Brodie • Anna Camp - Anna Vaughan Hyatt Huntington • Annie Greene Nelson  Augusta Baker • Bambie Gaddist, M.D. • Barbara Williams Jenkins • Bernice Robinson • Bertha “Chippie” Hill • Beryl Dakers • Betsy Cromer Byars • Betsy Teter Blanche McCrary Boyd • Brooke Bauer • Candy Waites • Carrie Allen McCray •Catherine Coleman • Charlayne Hunter-Gault • Charlotta Spears Bass • Cynthia Graham Hurd • Danielle Brooks • Darla Moore • Dawn Staley • Debra L. Lee, Esq.  Dorae Saunders • Dori Sanders • Dorothy Allison • Dot Jackson • Dr. Wil Lou Gray Elaine Nichols • Elizabeth Allston Pringle • Elizabeth Boatwright Coker • Elizabeth Hawley Gasque Van Exern • Elizabeth O’Neill Verner • Essie Mae Washington-Williams - Etta Jones • Juanita Redmond Hipps • Kathy Riley • Katrina McClain Johnson • Kay Thigpen • Keller Barron • Lucy Hampton Bostick • Mabel King • Maj. Gen. Irene Trowell-Harris • Malissa Burnette • Mamie Peanut Johnson • Marian Wright Edelman • Mariclare Miranda • Marjorie Hammock • Marlena Smalls • Martha Schofield • Marva Smalls • Mary Boykin Chestnut • Mary C. Simms Oliphant • Mary Jackson • Mary Louise Parker • Maude Callen • Maxine Brown • Melanie Thornton Millicent Brown • Monique Coleman • Nancy Barton • Nancy Stevenson • Nekki Shutt • Nikki Haley • Nikky Finney • Nina Mae McKinney • Ophelia Devore-Mitchell • Peggy Parish • Reshma Kahn • Rev. Sharonda Coleman • Ruth Ann Butler • Sarah Mae Flemming • Sarah Reese • Sheila R. Morris • Sue Monk Kidd • Susan Dunn • Suzy McCormick Shealy • Sylvia Woods • Tamika Gadsden • Tootsie Holland • Vera Gomez • Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor • Victoria Eslinger • Viola Davis • Virginia Capers • Virginia Mixson Geraty • Vivian Anderson

The Artists

Bohumila Augustinova • Eileen Blyth • Tonya Gregg • Mana Hewitt • B.A. Hohman • Heidi Darr-Hope • Lori Isom • Flavia Lovatelli • Laurie Brownell McIntosh • Michaela Pilar Brown • Renee Roullier • Olga Yukhno • Jennifer Bartell • Carla Damron • Joyce Rose Harris • Kristine Hartvigsen • Meeghan Kane • Monifa Lemons • Eva Moore • Marjory Wentworth • Qiana Whitted • Candace Wiley • Christina Xan • Claudia Smith Brinson • Kirkland Smith • Jordan Morris • Betsy Newman • Mahkia Greene • Vicky Saye Henderson • Lee Ann Kornegay • Brenda Oliver • Kathryn Van Aernum • Cindi Boiter • Joestra Robinson & Tamara Finkbeiner • Katly Hong • Laura Kissel • Roni Nicole • Lee Ann Kornegay • Ebony Wilson • Betsey Newman • Carleen Maur • Faye Riley • Jordan Mullen • Steffi Brink • Lillian Burke

...I am equally inspired by the possibility of our organization using an homage to the 40th anniversary of Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party as a vehicle for illuminating the history of twelve South Carolina women whose dedication to arts, science, and social justice changed the course of human history.
— Cindi Boiter, Executive Director of the Jasper Project
A place setting created by artist, Laurie McIntosh

A place setting created by artist, Laurie McIntosh

Want to help?

Your generosity allows for our fellow creatives to stay committed to the project, and allow us to recreate a ground breaking exhibition. The Supper Table will highlight these incredible S.C. born and raised women, who have made an impact during their lifetime. Our hope is that with this project, we will continue amplifying the voices and stories of women hailing from the Palmetto State. Thank you!

Work in progress:  a place setting created by Flavia Lovatelli

Work in progress: a place setting created by Flavia Lovatelli

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The Supper Table Project

Get up close and personal with our project

Top Image: place setting created by artist Mana Hewitt

Left Image: plate setting created by artist B. A. Hohman | Right Image: place setting created by artist Olga Yukhno

Here are the honored subjects and the visual and literary artists who envisioned their seats at the table.

Mary McLeod Bethune

Visual Artist: Flavia Lovatelli • Literary Artist: Christina Xan • Film Artist: Jordan Mullen • Theatrical Artists: Jocelyn Sanders

Alice Childress

Visual Artist:Tonya Gregg • Literary Artist: Marjorie Wentworth• Film Artist: Steffi Brink • Theatrical Artists: Bonita Peeples

Septima Clark

Visual Artist: Lori Isom • Literary Artist: Qiana Whitted • Film Artist: Faye Riley • Theatrical Artists: Annette Grevious

Matilda Evans

Visual Artist: Renee Roullier • Literary Artist: Candace Wiley • Film Artist: Carleen Maur • Theatrical Artists: Arisha Frierson

Althea Gibson

Visual Artist: Eileen Blyth • Literary Artist: Kristine Hartvigsen • Film Artist: Katly Hong • Theatrical Artists: Trell Brennan

Grimke Sisters

Visual Artist: Heidi Darr-Hope • Literary Artist: Claudia Smith Brinson• Film Artist: Josetra Robinson & Tamara Finkbeiner • Theatrical Artists: Dewey Scott-Wiley & Elena Martinez-Vidal

Eartha Kitt

Visual Artist: Mana Hewitt • Literary Artist: Christina Xan • Film Artist: Lee Ann Kornegay • Theatrical Artists: Sebastian Sowell

Sarah Leverette

Visual Artist: Olga Yukhno • Literary Artist: Carla Damron • Film Artist: Ebony Wilson • Theatrical Artists: Malie Heider

Julia Peterkin

Visual Artist: B. A. Hohman • Literary Artist: Meeghan Kane • Film Artist: Lillian Burke • Theatrical Artists: Patti Walker

Eliza Pinckney

Visual Artist: Laurie Brownell McIntosh • Literary Artist: Eva Moore • Film Artist: Carleen Maur • Theatrical Artists: Arisha Frierson

Modjeska Simkins

Visual Artist: Michaela Pilar Brown • Literary Artist: Candace Wiley • Film Artist: Laura Kissel • Theatrical Artists: Marilyn Matheus

Elizabeth Evelyn Wright

Visual Artist: Bohumila Augustinova • Literary Artist: Jennifer Bartell • Film Artist: Roni Nicole • Theatrical Artists: Jocelyn Walters Brannon

Our Honored Subjects

This project was supported by a Connected Communities grant from Central Carolina Community Foundation.

Special thanks to our Sponsors. With your support, we are able to amplify the stories and voices of some of South Carolina’s most remarkable women. Thank you!