The Play Right Series

The Jasper Project’s newest sustaining project is the Jasper Play Right Series.  The purpose of the Play Right Series is to empower audiences with a heightened theatrical experience at the same time that we increase opportunities for SC theatre artists to create and perform new works. We do this by incorporating Community Producers into the process of creating theatrical art.

In exchange for a financial contribution of $250, individuals are invited to participate in the Play Right Series for the calendar year by assuming the role of a Community Producer. Contributions are tax deductible. 

Community Producers are:

  • invited to rehearsals during the developing stages of production
  • given four tickets for each project in the series
  • recognized in the playbill, on social media, on the Jasper Project website, and introduced as honored members of the audience
  • invited to all cast parties and receptions

The Jasper Project supported the below project in the Play Right Series.

  • On April 28th - 30th and May 5th - 6th, the Jasper Project and its Community Producers presented the world premiere of a new play by Irmo native Randall David Cook called Sharks and Other Lovers, starring Libby Campbell, Josh Kern, Glenn Rawls, Jennifer Moody Sanchez, and Perry Simpson, directed by Larry Hembree.