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SAVE THE DATE - 2nd Act Film Festival

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What is the 2nd Act Film Festival? 

In its 5th year, the 2nd Act Film Festival, under the direction of noted film and documentary maker Wade Sellers, is a unique take on the film project. Presented by The Jasper Project, its mission is to encourage and promote the growth of independent filmmaking in South Carolina.

The 2nd Act Film Festival is a curated film project. Filmmakers submit their names and work to be considered for participation in the festival. A group of South Carolina media and arts professionals will select the final group of filmmakers to participate. This year 10-12 filmmaking teams from around South Carolina will be selected to participate.

The level of filmmaking experience by the filmmaker can range from beginner to professional. If entrants have never made a film before, but are selected based on their artistic/creative work, we can assist in placing them with an experienced filmmaking team. As a festival we are looking to gather a highly creative and diverse group of voices that represent independent filmmaking in the state.

Participating filmmakers will be featured in Jasper magazine and promoted heavily in events leading up to the festival screening. Previous festivals played to overflow crowds at Tapp's Arts Center and 701 Whaley.

We will give filmmakers the 1st Act and the 3rd Act (one page each) of a script. The filmmaker's job is to write the 2nd Act and make the film. There is no restriction on genre or subject matter, however, all scripts will be reviewed by the Jasper Project review team. All films will then screen the night of the festival at Trustus Theatre on Wednesday, November 7th, 2018.

Here are the rules and guidelines for entering filmmakers.

  • There is no entry fee for participating filmmakers and teams.
  • Filmmaking teams will be given a small amount of funding to offset the cost of production. Use it for food, a camera rental, whatever you feel necessary to help complete your film in the best way possible.
  • Selected filmmakers must currently live in South Carolina.
  • Past filmmakers may enter.
  • Filmmakers may select a team or create their film alone, but the entering representative will serve as "filmmaker" for the project.
  • The final group of ten filmmakers will be selected by a group of media professionals and editors of Jasper magazine.
  • Filmmakers will be selected based on their prior work(s), as well as their passion and commitment towards independent filmmaking.
  • When entering, the filmmaker must provide a link to their own previous work, but also may provide a link for works created by team members. Only one form needs to be filled out per team.
  • Team members may work on other film projects in the festival.
  • Selected filmmakers will receive 2 script pages, the first and last page of a short film screenplay.
  • Filmmakers will write the 2nd act and produce the film.
  • This year there is a theme that will be revealed at the first meeting.
  • No dialogue or script direction can be changed in the provided script pages. Any rewriting or shifting of lines will disqualify the film. Filmmakers can add scene descriptions to the pages provided.
  • Pages written will be entirely at the filmmakers discretion.
  • Completed films can be no longer than six minutes, including credits.
  • Submitted films may not contain gratuitous violence or acts of misogyny.
  • Final films will be owned in their entirety by the filmmaker but the 2nd Act Film Festival and the Jasper Project reserve the right to exhibit the films and market the films for their own promotional purposes.


Watch winning films from past years